Required Financial Documents

The following documents will be required in order to evaluate your financial situation completely. You will find it very helpful to have them available when speaking to the Special Asset Officer and/or Mortgage Loan Officer.

1. Completed Borrower Financial Information to include name, address, and account number of loan

2. Copy of most recent personal tax returns

3. Copy of most recent business tax returns (if applicable)

4. Proof of household income including monthly pay stubs, rental income, pension, or other income**

5. Outstanding medical bills (if applicable)

6. Letter of financial hardship in meeting your home loan obligation

7. Depending on the situation and type of assistance we may be able to offer, further documentation may be required

**Other Income: Alimony, Child Support, Separate Maintenance, Unemployment Benefits, Disability Benefits, or other types of government assistance need not be revealed unless the borrower or co-borrower chooses to have it considered for repaying the loan