About Us

Board of Directors

To realize our mission of being the champion of small business owners, we must stay true to our founding principles: respect for customers, commitment to community, and financial integrity.  We are governed by like minded individuals who know what it takes to thrive as a small business and encourage us to do the right thing - one customer at a time.  

Our Board of Directors

  • Andrew P. Skotdal, Chairman
  • Christopher D. Adams
  • Andrew R. Dale
  • John M. Haugen, Jr.
  • Steven D. Hovde
  • Stephan Klee
  • Thomas D. Lane
  • Gregory A. Tisdel
  • Eric M. Sprink

Executive Officers

  • Eric M. Sprink, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Joel G. Edwards, Chief Financial Officer
  • Daniel J. Lee, Chief Credit Officer and Chief Risk Officer
  • Laura Byers, Chief Retail and Marketing Officer
  • John J. Dickson, Chief Operations Officer
  • Erika Heer, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Tyler Ferguson, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Russ A. Keithley, Chief Lending Officer