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What are your banking holidays?

Coastal Community Bank will be closed on the following standard holidays observed by the Federal Reserve Bank:

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Martin Luther King's Birthday (Third Monday in January)
  • Presidents Day (Third Monday in February)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Labor Day (First Monday in September)
  • Columbus Day (Second Monday in October)
  • Veterans Day (November 11)
  • Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)
  • Christmas Day (December 25)

Coastal Community Bank will not accept files for processing on any holidays, as well as all Saturdays and Sundays. Likewise, entries should not be effective dated for these days. Note: If January 1, July 4, November 11, or December 25 fall on a Sunday, the next following Monday is a standard Federal Reserve Bank holiday.

Debit Cards

What is the Daily Limit on my Debit Card?

You can withdraw up to $300 in cash daily from cash machines as long as the money is available in your account, and you may purchase up to $2500 every 24 hours and weekends. Because some checks that you write may not clear right away, be sure that you have enough on deposit to avoid any NSF or Overdraft fees.

Where can I get cash with my Debit/ATM Card?

You can use any Coastal Community Bank ATM or MoneyPass ATM without a fee. Coastal Community Bank does not charge a fee for you to use another bank's cash machine, but the other bank might charge you a fee for using their machine. You can also ask for cash back when you use your Debit card at most merchants.

Please note that Key Bank no longer offers service free ATM withdrawals to Coastal Community Bank customers.

Where can I find a no-service-charge ATM I can use with my Coastal Community Bank ATM/Check card?

ATMs are no-service- charge at any Coastal Community Bank, US Bank or Money Pass location. You can use the following link to find more locations. *Please note that Key Bank no longer offers service free ATM withdrawals to Coastal Community Bank customers.

Can I use my debit card outside the U.S.?

Yes, in many cases you can, but notify your local branch before you go so that your card will work, even in Canada. Some countries don't have secure networks, and for security you will need to give us some information about your travel plans before you use your card outside of the country. We always recommend that you have at least one credit card available to use for secure transactions during international travel.

I got charged twice for one transaction on my debit card, what should I do?

Notify your branch immediately, providing them with the transaction date, name of the merchant, the dollar amount and a copy of your receipt.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Notify your branch immediately, they will work with you to determine if you need to close your checking account. If your card is stolen over the weekend or after bank hours call 800-523-4175 to report the card, then follow up with your branch on the next business day.

If your credit card is lost or stolen contact 800-854-7642 immediately.

Can I customize my PIN number?

Yes, take your card into any branch and they can help you reset your PIN number.

Telephone Banking

What is the phone number?

In the Greater Everett area call 425-252-7822, outside the calling area the number is 800-958-2382.

How does your Telephone Banking Work?

Our 24 Hour Customer Access allows you to get information about your accounts any time. When you call, please have your account number and the Tax ID number of the primary account signer available.

How do I reset my password?

Your branch staff can reset your password for you.

Checking Accounts

How do I reorder checks?

You can order online, or call or visit your local branch.

How long does it take a check to clear?

That depends upon who you wrote it to, and when and where they deposit the check. Some checks can clear the same day you wrote them. As always, Coastal encourages you not to authorize any checks or payments against your account until you have the money available in the account.

How do I place a stop payment on a check I have written?

If the check hasn't cleared your account, you can request a stop payment through your on line banking, by calling your branch, or visiting the branch in person. Be aware that if you don't visit an office in person, you will still need to sign the stop payment form within 14 days. We will send the completed form for you to sign and return.

What is Coastal Community Bank's routing and transit number?

The routing number can be found at the bottom of your checks on the left hand side, 125108405. You may be asked to provide this number to an employer for payroll direct deposits.

Can I receive my statements electronically?

Yes, contact your local branch to arrange for this convenient option.

What if there is an error when my check clears my account?

Always review your statement for accuracy. If you find an error, notify your branch immediately and we will research your account and resolve any errors promptly.

General Customer Service

How do I change my address?

Request an address change to be mailed to you from our On Line Banking, or mail us a signed notice of your new address to us. Of course, any branch can help you with that as well. For your security, we always require each person's signature and identification to change addresses.

Is my deposit available immediately?

Generally your deposit is available the same business day. Note: In some cases it may be necessary to place a hold on your deposit. The first $200 is usually available the same or next business day, but the rest may not be available for several days. Contact your branch if you have questions about a deposit or hold.

Online Banking and Bill Pay

How much does online banking and Bill Pay cost?

Both services are available at no additional charge.

How do I enroll for Online Banking?

Personal banking customers may sign up online. From our homepage, click on the Online Banking button at the top of the page. Click Enroll, and complete the required fields.  Business banking customers must complete an enrollment form at one of our branches.

I cannot remember my logon information. What do I do?

If you know your login name, you may reset your password online by clicking on the "Forget Your Password" button.  To obtain your username, you must contact a Coastal Branch. 

How much transaction history can I view online?

Generally 365 days (or one rolling year) of history is available for you to view, along with 18 months of statements.

How can I reset my password? How do I change my password?

Click on the "Forgot Your Password" button and follow the instructions to receive a temporary password.

How do I enroll for Treasury Management features?

Getting started with Online Treasury Management is easy, simply contact one of our branches to get started.

Can I set up email alerts?

Yes, you can! From the Administration menu in online banking, select "Manage Alerts."

What types of accounts can I use to make payments with Bill Pay?

There is no cost to use any of your Coastal Community Bank checking accounts to pay bills.

Can I set up a payment to go out the same time every month?

Yes, this is one of the many convenient tools in Bill Pay. Simply go to the "Manage My Bills" button, select the bill and add an automatic payment.

How do I view an image of a check or deposit online?

There will be a link for each item in your transaction history if an image is available. Clicking on this link will bring up an image of the front and the back of the item.

Can I make loan payments online?

Payments can be made to many of your Coastal Community Bank loans through the online transfer feature. To add your Coastal Community Bank loan to online banking, contact your loan officer or a branch. To make payments on your loans at any other financial services provider, use our free Bill Pay Service.

How do I add or remove an account to my Online Banking?

Contact any of our branches to update your accounts online.

How long does it take for my payments to reach the recipient?

When you schedule a payment in Bill Pay it will show the scheduled payment date. Your payment is guaranteed to arrive on the scheduled date.

How do I access my credit card information?

Credit card information is available at 800-854-7642 or

Coastal Community Bank

Is Coastal Community Bank publicly traded? How do I buy stock?

Coastal Community Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coastal Financial Corporation (CFC), a privately held company. CFC is not publically traded. To buy CFC stock, contact Melisa Nelson at 425-357-3692 to put your name on the "Prospective Stock Buyer List" or to obtain a Stock Seller List. 

CFC Stock is: Not insured by the FDIC | Not a bank deposit, bank obligation, or guaranteed by the bank | Not guaranteed by any government agency | Subject to investment risk, including potential principal loss

What jobs are available at Coastal?

View our Careers page to find current openings.