Business Services

Remote Deposit

Remote deposit uses a simple machine that lets you scan and submit checks for deposit right from your desk. That’s right — you can deposit checks without ever leaving the office!

So you don’t have to spend any time on the clock driving to a branch. You can use that time to do what you do best: lead a successful business. 

  • Deposit checks from the convenience of your office
  • Utilizes a desk scanner and internet access
  • Simply sign, scan, and then send checks to the bank for processing
    • Checks are converted to an electronic image that is then securely transmitted to the bank
  • Save time — fewer trips to the bank, less manual copying
  • Save money — less gas, less paper, and less staff time away
  • Enjoy extended banking hours — make deposits on your schedule
  • Access online check images, deposits, and reports for 24 months
  • Export customized business data for download to your accounts receivable system
  • Provides multi-level security access with equipment that takes up very little space
  • Easy implementation with a step-by-step process for daily deposits, including no-cost secondary verification