About Us

We firmly believe that banking is about relationships built on trust. We don’t just provide personal and business banking services — we are trusted advisors, providing information and knowledge to help you succeed.

Our Values

Stay Flexible

We're all about being prepared. We realize things change - and when they do, we have a plan B, C, and D. It's important that we stay nimble and flexible.

Take Care of Each Other

We’ve always relied on tight-knit teams to power our Bank. That means uplifting teammates when they’re struggling and always having their back.

Embrace Gray Thinking

We strive to solve our customers’ issues at the line level. And we’re constantly looking for new, creative ways to help our people get what they need.

Be Relentless

We look for ways to say "yes." We won't stop until we've exhausted every last resource, used every bit of our creativity, and done all we reasonably can to give our clients’ businesses an advantage.

Be the Best

We continue to hire the most skilled employees. Together we'll keep on outworking our competition while building powerful relationships over time.

Be Un-Bankey

If something is important and will move a client’s business forward, we do it - regardless of whether or not it’s something banks usually do.
What makes us different

Helping Our Community Grow and Thrive

From our humble beginnings in 1997, Coastal Community Bank has always believed in giving back and making a difference in the communities we serve. That is why we are dedicated to giving back and supporting non-profits and local causes - whether through donations, volunteerism, and other programs.
Coastal Community Bank employees wearing purple domestic violence awareness shirts Coastal Community Bank employees volunteering - group photo Coastal Community Bank employees breast cancer walk
Coastal Community Bank


Coastal Community Bank newspaper clipping announcing formation of Bank

Bank Charter Issued

Coastal Community Bank received its bank charter in 1997. With one office and five employees, we started taking business banking customer deposits and lending to help them grow.
Coastal Community Bank early staff photo

First Coastal Location

The Bank operated from Lee Pintar's kitchen table for about half a year until we opened our first location on Colby Avenue in downtown Everett.
Coastal Community Bank newspaper clipping announcing new Sultan branch

Sultan Branch Opens

We literally rolled into town in 2000 with a modular building that was eventually bricked and roofed with a beautiful architectural style and turn-of-the-century decorations complete with ironed bars over the teller window.
Coastal Community Bank Monroe branch opening

Monroe Branch Opens

We opened our 3rd branch in Monroe to compliment the Sultan branch and serve the growing community. We powered this branch with a tight-knit team familiar with the community, which was key for our success.
Coastal Financial Corporation Logo

Coastal Financial Corporation Formed

Less than 7 years after opening our first branch, Coastal Community Bank surpassed $100 million in assets and the Bank's shareholders voted to create Coastal Financial Corporation, the Bank's holding company.
Coastal Community Bank Bankers worked out of a Honda Accord when the Camano branch first opened

Camano Branch Opens

On Camano Island we learned that the fastest way to start helping local small businesses was to set up shop out of a car. So we did. Laura Byers and Myra Reinhardt operated out of their cars for the first six months.
Coastal Community Bank original Darrington staff posing in front of bank building

Darrington Branch Opens

We started our Darrington branch on a card table in the back of a hardware store when Bank of America pulled up stakes, leaving the town without any banking option.
Coastal Community Bank Stanwood Branch

Stanwood Branch Opens

Coastal Community Bank knows the importance of staying connected to the local community as it empowers us to make decisions that help local people and businesses thrive. So it was only natural that we opened a branch in Stanwood.
Man on horse holding sign that reads,

Silver Lake Branch Opens

During the 2008 financial crisis, our bankers sat with many small business clients - through late nights and frustrating spreadsheets - to help them fight for their struggling businesses. Less than a year later, we opened our Silver Lake branch so that we could continue serving small businesses in our footprint.
Coastal Community Bank Snohomish Team

Snohomish and Smokey Point Branches Open

Coastal Community Bank was able to take advantage of expansion opportunities in Snohomish County after the recession hammered the county and led to the failure of several banks in that market. The Bank was able to come out of the crisis stronger than when we went into it.
Coastal Community Bank Evergreen Way Ribbon Cutting

Evergreen Way and Marysville Branches Open

We moved into our new home base on Evergreen Way the same year we opened our 12th branch in Marysville. The Bank was able to expand from seven branches before the recession to twelve in 2015, tripling our market share and emerging from the recession as the largest bank headquartered in Snohomish County.
Coastal Community Bank donates pet food to Homeward Pet - dog licking lady face

Woodinville Branch Opens

In 2017 we opened our first branch in King County. We introduced ourselves to the neighborhood by doing anonymous good deeds in the community such as buying pet food for Homeward Pet, bringing food to the Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank, and buying drinks for customers at local coffee shops.
CCBX team posing in office under construction

CCBX Fintech Division Created

We created our Fintech division, CCBX, to offer Banking as a Service (BaaS) to financial technology companies and broker-dealers nationwide. This allowed our partners to deliver seamless banking services to their clients and created opportunities for the Bank in the rapidly evolving financial services sector.
Coastal completes successful IPO on NASDAQ exchange

Coastal Completes IPO on Nasdaq Exchange

When we decided to go all-in pursuing CCBX and Banking as a Service, the Board voted to go public to raise the capital to do so. In October of 2018, we completed a successful IPO on the Nasdaq exchange under the "CCB" ticker.
Group of Coastal Community Bank employees being excited in office setting

$1 Billion in Assets

After being the champion of local small businesses for 22 years, Coastal Community Bank reached a major milestone of $1 billion in assets. We achieved this success by being there for the people who needed us and being connected to the community.
Coastal Community Bank Arlington branch with mural of historic downtown painted on South wall

Arlington Branch Opens

When we were given the opportunity to open a branch in Arlington, we jumped right on it. We already had a large customer base in the area and were excited to offer a physical location in the city to serve their banking needs. A mural of old downtown was added on the south wall of the building as a tribute to the community.
Coastal Community Bank bankers holding their arms in the air cheering

$2 Billion in Assets

Coastal Community Bank has seen significant growth over the years and reaching this milestone was a highlight. With this comes the ability to scale our offerings to be more efficient, deliver new technology, hire talented employees, and expand our footprint.
Coastal Community Bank employees posing

Small Business Champion

In just 24 years, Coastal Community Bank has become the largest community bank in Snohomish County. This growth is the result of shared values and a clear mission — to champion the small business person.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team manages the day-to-day operations of our company. Our leaders come from all areas of the business to help position us to succeed.

Eric Sprink

Chief Executive Officer

Curt Queyrouze

Curt Queyrouze


Joel Edwards

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Davis, Executive Vice President, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Coastal Community Bank

Sharon Davis

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Russ Keithley

Chief Banking Officer

Erika Heer, Coastal Community Bank

Erika Heer

Chief Human Resource Officer

Andy Stines

Chief Risk Officer

Jon Sand

Chief Credit Officer