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We hire team players, go-getters, and people who believe in the importance of giving back. If you're someone who wants to help others succeed, knows how to think outside the box, and believes that we're all in this together -- you belong here.
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Coast to Coast Opportunities

From tech-forward opportunities with our fintech partners to face-to-face interactions with the community, Coastal is full of growth and learning opportunities. We offer both remote and onsite employment options and have employees all around the United States.

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  • We’re proud to offer employees competitive benefits to support a healthy and positive workplace and personal life. And we like to have fun too!

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    Medical, Dental, Vision
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    PTO, Holidays, Vacation, Sick Time
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    401(k) w/ Match
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    Work-Life Balance
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    Subsidized Gym and Wellness Programs
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    Employee Charitable Giving Fund
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    Employee Logo Wear
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    Recognition Programs
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    Employee Loan Program
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    Career Mentoring
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    Employee Appreciation Events

Why Choose Coastal

When it comes to making a positive difference in our communities, Coastal Community Bank is committed to helping find a way. Since 1997, we've never lost sight of what it means to be part of the community. Our success comes from our people. We believe success is measured by the quality of the relationships we develop not only with each other but with our customers. We greet our customers by name and value the fact that with all the options out there, they chose us to be their bank. Community is not just our middle name, it's how we do business.

Our Values

Stay Flexible

We're all about being prepared. We realize things change - and when they do, we have a plan B, C, and D. It's important that we stay nimble and flexible.

Take Care of Each Other

We’ve always relied on tight-knit teams to power our Bank. That means uplifting teammates when they’re struggling and always having their back.

Embrace Gray Thinking

We strive to solve our customers’ issues at the line level. And we’re constantly looking for new, creative ways to help our people get what they need.

Be Relentless

We look for ways to say "yes." We won't stop until we've exhausted every last resource, used every bit of our creativity, and done all we reasonably can to give our clients’ businesses an advantage.

Be the Best

We continue to hire the most skilled employees. Together we'll keep on outworking our competition while building powerful relationships over time.

Be Un-Bankey

If something is important and will move a client’s business forward, we do it - regardless of whether or not it’s something banks usually do.

Coastal Connections

At Coastal we take pride in being Un-Bankey and like to have fun. We offer a culture that lets you be you. Take a look at a typical work day.

Coastal Connections

We could all use a fresh pick-me-up in the morning and good friends to share it with.

Coastal Connections

It feels good to catch up and connect with fellow co-workers after a long 3-day weekend.

Coastal Connections

Some of our best ideas come from collaborating and brainstorming with colleagues.

Coastal Connections

Smiling faces and positive attitudes keep us driven and motivated.

Coastal Connections

Impromptu discussions in the hallways can spark some really interesting topics.

Coastal Connections

It’s important to always be our best and pass our knowledge on to others.

Coastal Connections

We’re always learning and moving forward to ensure we stay on top.

Coastal Connections

We move a little differently around here.

Coastal Connections

Teamwork makes the dream work, and we’ve always relied on tight-knit teams.

Coastal Connections

We’re always looking for new and creative ways to help our customers.

Coastal Connections

Work is so much better when you like your co-workers.

Coastal Connections

We’re all in this together so it’s important that we work well as a team.

Our Process


Review Positions

Take a look at our open roles and find the job that’s right for you.

Our Process


Upload Resume

Send us your resume and cover letter.

Our Process


Video Screening Call

We may schedule a video call to get to know you some more.

Our Process


Video Interview

Once we’ve met, we’ll arrange a time for a more formal interview.

Our Process


Candidate Review & Selection

If there’s an open role that fits, we’ll select the final candidate.

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Coastal Community Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Coastal Community Bank uses e-verify as part of our onboarding process.
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