Coastal Community Bank employees smiling while sitting at table

Summer Internship Program

Coastal Community Bank will begin accepting applications for our Summer Internship program in the Spring of 2024. Please continue to follow us until then.

The Summer Internship program provides an opportunity for you to gain hands-on experience within a specific department at Coastal Community Bank. Interns will also receive an introduction to other departments and opportunities at Coastal through weekly lunches with team members and department mentors. Email for more information.

Coastal Community Bank employees taking a group selfie

Why Intern at Coastal?

  • Paid Internship
  • Develop and Refine Your Skills
  • Meet and Work with Experts
  • Gain Valuable Work Experience
  • Mentorship
  • Explore Career Paths in Additional Departments
  • Weekly Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Earn College Credit
Coastal Community Bank employees sitting around table

Areas of Focus

We offer onsite and remote internship opportunities in many areas including:

  • Bank Operations
  • IT
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Data
  • Credit

Email for more information.

Coastal Community Bank
“My internship at Coastal combined to give me experience in both the Credit Support department as well as the Finance department. I was able to get hands-on experience in a bank and grasp a better understanding of the different sectors that make up daily functions.”
Coastal Community Bank
“During my internship at Coastal, I was able to create a vast professional network with employees and gained invaluable customer service skills while gaining experience on the front line as a Teller and behind the scenes as a Finance intern.”
Coastal Community Bank
“Professionalism is one of the most significant skills I have taken from my time at Coastal. I am currently studying to be an English teacher, so I spend a lot of time observing classrooms or teaching short lessons. Professionalism is essential in this setting, especially as a college student working in a high school classroom. It is important to follow through on tasks, be adaptable, and create intentional relationships. Through my internship at Coastal, I had the opportunity to learn and work on these attributes every day.”
Coastal Community Bank
“My internship at Coastal coincided with when I changed my major at Gonzaga; the knowledge and experience I was able to get with the underwriting process helped me feel more comfortable with the choice I made for my degree and helped me when starting my career in accounting.”
Coastal Community Bank
“By getting to intern at Coastal, I was able to see what working at a Community Bank was truly like. This helped me feel comfortable in my decision to accept a position as a credit analyst out of college because I developed the skills needed to start my career with a strong foundation in a banking environment. The projects I was given in my summer at Coastal all had a purpose and have helped me already in the past year of working as an analyst.”