Introducing Coastal World

Coastal World is an immersive 3D web platform that promotes, educates, and informs visitors about digital banking solutions that best fit their lifestyle, values, or specific financial situations through a fun and engaging online experience.

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Who is Coastal?

Simply put, Coastal is a bank. We are a community bank that does many of the things other banks do. Like – lend money, manage your deposits, offer online banking, and provide other financial services. However, there are differences. We are rooted in community, bold enough to try new things, and truly care about people.

That is why, when we had the opportunity to grow our community and help MORE people, we jumped on the chance to do so. Several years ago, we began offering Banking as a Service (BaaS) to Fintechs on a mission to make banking easier and more accessible.

So what is BaaS, you ask? It is simple. We provide banking infrastructure, compliance oversight, years of industry experience, and Member FDIC insurance so our Fintech partners can now deliver you – the customer – customized banking solutions that fit your lifestyle or specific financial situation. Everybody wins.

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This is Only the Beginning

We have big plans for Coastal World! We want to empower good money habits, make banking easier to access, and have fun along the way. Banking doesn’t have to be boring.

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If you have questions, ideas, or would like to participate in Coastal World contact us today.

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