Protect Your Information

It’s important to protect your personal and financial information online. Follow these important steps:

Monitor Your Financial Accounts at Coastal Community Bank

Monitor Your Financial Accounts

Regularly monitor your bank and financial accounts and set up alert features. This will help keep you notified of any unusual events when they occur.

Stay Alert at Coastal Community Bank

Stay Alert

It is important to be skeptical and cautious of all communications and mail received. If you are unsure about the validity of the communication received, we recommend contacting the company directly.

Set up fraud alert at Coastal Community Bank

Initiate a Fraud Alert

If you are a victim of fraud, set a fraud alert on your credit report with one of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion® or Equifax®). This will warn lenders that you may be a fraud victim.

The fraud alert will stay on your credit report for 90 days and you can renew the fraud alert when it expires. This extra precaution will notify potential lenders that they should contact you before granting a new line of credit in your name.

Coastal Community Bank recommends that you Monitor Your Credit Reports

Monitor Your Credit Reports

You can check your credit report for free once every twelve months by visiting Checking your credit report can help you identify any unusual activity, such as new accounts, new personal information, or inquiries.

freeze or lock your credit file at Coastal Community Bank

Freeze or Lock Your Credit File

You may consider adding a free security freeze with one of the three credit bureaus. A security freeze may prevent potential lenders from accessing your credit report.