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Use size to your advantage. Local small businesses can benefit from lower down payments and extended terms.

Key Features

  • Flexible Rates & Terms
  • Quick Answers
  • Local Expertise

As an SBA Preferred Lending Partner, our decisions are made locally, which means faster answers for you. Our experienced staff will help you determine if an SBA Loan is right for you.

  • Ideal for purchasing and refinancing existing businesses
  • Government-assisted help for businesses that might otherwise have difficulty getting approved
  • Special financing for qualifying businesses
  • Competitive rates for a wide range of business needs:
    • Commercial real estate purchase
    • Construction
    • Business acquisition or expansion
    • Equipment/inventory purchase
    • Working capital
    • And more
  • Lending options available for start-up businesses
  • Quick, local decision-making and processing
  • Attentive, friendly service from start to finish


The Small Business Administration in partnership with SCORE offers detailed information on starting a business, financing and managing. Their website,, is an excellent resource regardless of whether you are considering SBA Loans or looking for more information on running a business.


What does the new SBA disaster assitance mean for businesses in Washington?

New federal legislation and appropriations has opened up the possibility for small businesses to receive assitance for econominc loss due to COVID-19. Details of eligibity and administration of this assitance from SBA are still being addressed by the SBA. Information can be found here Three Step Process SBA Disaster Loans and here SBA information on Coronavirus Assistance.

Businesses must apply directly with the SBA either 1) online; 2) in-person at a disaster assistance center; or 3) by mail.  If the borrower has an existing SBA loan with Coastal Community Bank the borrower can contact the Bank to see what can be done. The link to the site is here SBA.                          

Coastal Community Bank's agreement and commitment to lend money is contingent on the Bank's final underwriting approval and proper documentation and subject to credit approval.